Partnership with SOS Villages d’Enfants

This year, the “Sudstroum escher kulturlaf” will be making a donation to these charities:

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About SOS Villages d’Enfants Monde Luxembourg a.s.b.l.

The Luxembourg association SOS Children’s Villages Monde, founded in 1974 under the High Patronage of H.R.H. the Grand Duchess, is supported by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. It is a member of the SOS Children’s Villages International federation, present in over 130 countries and territories for more than 2.5 million children, young people and adults.

A key player in Luxembourg and in the countries where it operates in the field of children’s rights and protection, SOS Villages d’Enfants Monde informs the public, raises awareness of sustainable development, raises and manages funds, implements programs with local partners and provides technical expertise.

The association is currently involved in development programs in West Africa and Uzbekistan, and in emergency and resilience work in Colombia, Ethiopia, Madagascar, the Central African Republic, Ukraine and refugee-hosting countries.

Supporting children and families affected by war in Ukraine

SOS Children’s Villages has been supporting children and families in difficulty in Ukraine for 20 years. Since March 2022, the federation has been mobilized to help hundreds of thousands of children and families endangered by the war, forced to leave their homes and rebuild their lives in the West of the country or in one of the European countries taking in refugees. An entire generation of children is at risk of growing up without the care they need: immediate and long-term support is essential.