Important information for the runners

The central location of the “Sudstroum Escher Kulturlaf” is at the Résistance Square with the starting area. The finish is at the “Déierepark Gaalgebierg”.

Please note: the city centre is not easily accessible. Preferably use the car parks Hiehl or Belval Station and take public transport to the place of departure.

Getting on the Résistance Square is particularly easy by bus, by bike and on foot.

Soft mobility

Access to and from the Belval site on foot and by bicycle will be guaranteed without interruption before and during the entire event.


The CFL trains will run according to the usual timetable for an arrival before the start of the race (from Luxembourg and Pétange) and a departure after the race (towards Luxembourg and Pétange).

More information about the timetables on


The Belval site will be served by the TICE buses circulating according to the usual timetable for the arrival before the race (coming from Esch-Gare and Differdange) and for the departure from the Belval site after the race (towards Esch-Gare and Differdange).

More information about the timetables on:


4 parking spaces are available for the runners, their companions and the spectators:

  • Car Park Résistance Square
  • Car Park Town Hall
  • Car Park Hiehl
  • Car Park Belval Station
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