Run from A-Z


Friday, September 6th, 2019

4 pm – 8 pm
Pick-up of the starting numbers and late registration

Le Fonds Belval
1, avenue du Rock’n’Roll
L-4361 Esch/Belval
About 50 m away from the blast furnaces

4 pm – 10 pm

Every registered runner will get a portion of pasta the evening before the run!
Under the blast furnaces of Esch/Belval

Saturday, September 7th, 2019

10 am – 4 pm
Pick-up of the starting numbers and late registration

Le Fonds Belval
1, avenue du Rock’n’Roll
L-4361 Esch/Belval
About 50 m away from the blast furnaces

3 pm: Opening Food Village
4 pm : Opening child nursery
4 pm: Start yuppi-mini-kulturlaf 1000 metres
4.30 pm: Opening yuppi-mini-village
5 pm: Start 10 miles / 10 kilometres
5.30 pm – 9 pm: Shuttlebus towards the showers
8.30 pm: Award ceremony
8 pm: After Kulturlaf Party
2 am: The End

Important information for the runners

We are happy that you are participating in the “Sudstroum Escher Kulturlaf”.
In order to be well informed before the run and to ensure a smooth flow of the event,
please read carefully the following information.

The central location of the “Sudstroum Escher Kulturlaf” is at Fonds Belval under the blast furnaces.
This is the location of the start and finish line of the run, the award ceremony and the “After Kulturlaf Party”.
The distribution of the start numbers and the runner’s bags is at the building Fonds Belval.

Getting on the site

Getting on the site Belval is particularly easy by bus, by bike and on foot.

For cars, there are 4 parking spaces available for the runners, their companions and the spectators:
Parking CFL
Parking Belval Plaza I and II
Parking Square Mile
Parking Université

To get on the site, take the motorway A4 in direction of Esch-sur-Alzette, from there, follow the signs “Sudstroum Escher Kulturlaf” until you arrive on the site of the run. Please allow enough time to arrive. A start under stress can prevent you from performing the run as you intended to do.

Culinary Stands in the Food Village & “After Kulturlaf Party”

“Gesond iessen, méi bewegen” – “Eat healthy, move more”, that is the slogan of the national sensibilisation campaign for a healthier lifestyle, a campaign we continue to support this year. Various local associations offer different specialities for every taste. Also, don’t miss the concerts of the “After Kulturlaf Party”!



When you pick up your starting number, you get a bag labelled with a number, in which you put your belongings before the start. Please allow enough time to hand over your bag. The use of the “Sudstroum Escher Kulturlaf” bag is mandatory; we do not accept any other bags.

Race Timing

The race timing is done with the Aktiv Transponder DataPro chip (Datasport). As organisation team we lend you this chip without any fees. When you hit the target, our team will recollect the chip. The return of the chip is obligatory. If not, you have to pay 40 €.

This year, the individual chip is allowed at this run. You can register your own chip during the online registration.


The start of the main runs (10 miles / 10 kilometres) is at 5 pm next to the blast furnaces. Every runner is timed individually.

The start of the yuppi-mini-kulturlaf (1000 metres) is at 4 pm.

Pick-up of the starting numbers

Friday, September 6th, from 4 pm to 8 pm
Saturday, September 7th, from 10 am to 4 pm

Le Fonds Belval
1, avenue du Rock’n’Roll
L-4361 Esch/Belval
About 50 m away from the blast furnaces

Childcare / yuppi-mini-village

At the yuppi-mini-village, children can participate in activities and creative workshops and try different sports.
Parents who wish to participate in the run can register their children for childcare (minimum age: 4 years) located on the site. Professional caregivers ensure the supervision of the children. The registration is done via the registration system through clicking the field “Garderie”.
For all questions and further information contact us via

Cultural Route

The route of the “Sudstroum Escher Kuturlaf” not only passes along different cultural sites in the city. Musicians and music groups also play on stages and in natural sites along the route before, during and after the passage of the runners.

Catering during the run

The first runners (10 kilometres) cross the finish line after about 30 minutes. Considering the relatively short effort, there is no need for a big catering. For the slower runners and the amateur runners, though, a regular intake in liquids and energy is important. For that reason, we provide 3 catering stations along the route of the 10 kilometres run as well as one more at the finish line. For the 10 miles run, there are 5 catering stations as well as one at the finish line.

Award ceremony & “After Kulturlaf Party”

The award ceremony is located under the blast furnaces. After the run, the concerts of the “After Kulturlaf Party” also will take place there.


The results are available from Sunday, September 8th, onwards on our website

Changing rooms, showers & “After Kulturlaf Party”

The changing rooms and showers are available in the Lycée Bel-Val with separated spaces for women and men. A shuttle bus will commute between the finish line and the Lycée Bel-Val (about 1 km drive).